International Association of Lawyers for the dissemination in the world of the Italian legal culture

ITALAWYERS INTERNATIONAL is the first International Cultural Association made only of Italian lawyers or lawyers who speak Italian.

ITALAWYERS INTERNATIONAL is an independent association of Lawyers with roots in Italy and connections all over the world.

ITALAWYERS INTERNATIONAL encourages professional exchanges from and to Italy, and it promotes professional relationships and training for the Colleagues residing in foreign Countries.

ITALAWYERS INTERNATIONAL offers contacts all over the world for the Colleagues working in Italy.

ITALAWYERS INTERNATIONAL encourages the personal relationship between Colleagues in Italy and foreign Countries.

ITALAWYERS INTERNATIONAL aids its members in simplifying the professional relationships with the cross-border Client.


To find other members of ITALAWYERS in your Country CLICK HERE


  1. Could Italawyers be useful to my law firm? Italawyers disseminates in the world the Italian legal culture, and it can help in establishing more significant contacts with the Italian community present in your territory.   In addition, it puts you in contact with a network of Italian lawyers in every Country in the world and in Italy who can help you expand your acquaintances and your local and international Clientele.
  1. How can I let other Italians in my jurisdiction know that I am a member of Italawyers? Italawyers allows its members to use a space on its website and its registered logo, which can be used by the members for their brochures, e-mails, letterhead, and business cards so long as the members continue to qualify as members.  The members, with the Board’s authorization, can organize in their Country, cultural events to disseminate the Italian legal culture or events otherwise useful to the Italian community in their Country.
  1. What obligations would I have as member of Italawyers? Besides the membership payment, there are no other obligations.  To read the Articles of Association click HERE.   However, the Association will organize some events annually even in other jurisdictions:  we hope to meet you there, maybe when the events are going to take place near your home!
  1. How can I become a member? It’s very easy:  all you have to do is fill out the form that you will find by clicking HERE and send it back to the Association with proof of the membership fee payment as stated in the instructions on the form.   The membership request is subject to the approval of the Board.   In the event that the request is rejected, the membership fee payment will be refunded within 30 days along with a reason for the rejection.  The rejection is discretionary as well as the exclusion from the Association, but you can request a meeting to discuss the decision.
  1. How much is the membership fee?  Are there going to be any additional fees? The membership fee is determined by the Board each year: for 2022, it is 100 (one hundred) Euros, and it is valid for the calendar year.   Whoever requests a membership in the third trimester will receive an extension into the following year.   The membership fee includes a brief introduction page (pop-up) and the  liberal use of the logo.    The expenses that a member incurs to organize an event in their city, travel expenses to attend the Association’s events, and other expenses are excluded from the membership fee and remain the sole responsibility of the member, except by agreement with the Board who can decide, from time to time, to cover the cost in part or in full.