ITALAWYERS is an international association of Italian and Italian-speaking lawyers seeking the dissemination of Italian legal culture worldwide.

Italawyers is the first association of its kind. The objective of the Italawyers association is to promote Italian legal culture along with establishing a definitive benchmark for Italian-speaking lawyers across the world. This is carried out by strengthening the links between Italy and favoring knowledge of domestic, international, and comparative law which is especially significant for Italian communities and institutions abroad. Italawyers also seeks to promote the formation of professional acquaintances and connections, publishing, and academic and social activities worldwide.

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Common questions regarding ITALAWYERS

Is ITALAWYERS a Lawyers’ Network?

No, it is not. It is a free association of Lawyers who may practice both across Italy and around the globe that can understand and speak Italian. Though is it not a network, the association’s objective is to spread Italian legal culture throughout the world and assist in making connections between colleagues through forms of cross-border cooperation. Members are not required to pay a fee for access to professional collaboration amongst members and referrals received through the association.

Could ITALAWYERS be helpful to my practice?

Yes, absolutely! In addition to the formation activities among others regarding international and comparative law, Italawyers allows members to contact and collaborate with colleagues living in other nations with the absence of a language barrier.

How can I qualify to be a member? Can I be a lawyer in a different jurisdiction than Italy?

You can become a member if you hold the title of the legal profession in any other jurisdiction. What is crucial is the ability to understand and speak Italian, along with being a member in good standing of the National Organization of lawyers where they practice.

Can members utilize the ITALAWYERS’ Logo on their letterhead, website, or sign?


Yes, members can download the logo from the reserved area of the website. There are different formats available for use in brochures, emails, letterheads, websites, and business cards.

What are the obligations of a member of ITALAWYERS?

The only obligation for members is an annual fee of 100 euros. Membership includes the ability to partake in events, hold webinars and share teaching materials, access group chats with other members, and the ability to be appointed as a member of the board or other roles.

How can I become a member?

Very simple, just fill out the following form: click here 

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via Whatsapp or telephone at +447547155577